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Blonde4ever on November 17, 2014

Oct 28 to Nov 1 2014
My likes and dislikes from my four night stay.


Loved having the food court available . Sometimes you just want something quick and having this right on the premises was very handy. I ended up using the Mexican place, the coffee place, Mc Donald's, Subway, and Pop up pizza.

Hash House a go go is another good addition to the food choices.

Loved the wifi.

Apparently there is a shuttle three times a day to the airport. Only ten dollars for hotel guests!

Loved the fact that the casino was cool and well ventilated. That is very important. Nothing will make me leave faster than a hot stuffy smokey casino.

Enjoyed the selection of slots and loved the 99% payback video poker machines by the bar.

Hotel guests get free Louie Anderson tickets but I didn't have time to use them.
You also get a fun book of hotel discounts on food etc at check in.

The air conditioning in my room (1483) worked fabulously. Another very important thing. TV was modern and worked well also.

The room was spacious and I liked the furnishings. The bed was comfy. I adore the bedside lamps and the old Plaza picture on the wall.

Loved the modern safe that was large enough to hold my iPad and not on the floor. ( I am looking at you Four Queens). This was eye level and easy to use.

All of the staff I encountered were pleasant and helpful. I especially enjoyed a certain cocktail waitress. She is of a certain age, but fast and efficient and funny. She was working down by the VP on Tuesday night.

Loved having the cab stand right outside the door.

There were lots of elevators for the south tower. They were fast and worked well.

At no time did I feel unsafe in the hotel. I was not pan handled once within the hotel either.


The scent in the casino. Still too strong. Cut it way way way back.

Lose the time share people who attack you as soon as you come in the door. They are universally hated.

The bathtub toilet area. Omg, who designed this? I was staying alone so I left the door open all the time, but if you had a roommate , you almost have to step into the bathtub to close the door! I wish during the remodel that they had taken two feet off of the big room and added them to the bathroom.
Also the tub is terribly slippery when wet. There are signs on the mirror asking me to use the bath mats for safety, but there are no rubber mats given. Only the towel mats that you use to step out of the shower. There definitely should be some non slip material put in that tub.
Also there is nothing to hold onto. No towel bars or soap shelves either. No hook on the bathroom door.

You cannot control the bedside table lamps from the bed. You have to get up and walk across the room to turn them off and on. Strange.

My room had a few dings on the wall where the paint had been knocked off. It would be a simple thing to correct with a few dabs of paint. As it was , the paint issues were the first thing I saw when I walked in the door. Not a major issue, but it speaks to the upkeep of the hotel.

Obviously there were way more likes than dislikes. I would definitely stay again, only next time I will ask for a handicapped room to see if I find the bathroom more user friendly...lol.

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